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Handmade Tart

5″ serves 1-2 $8.00

minimum order 6 , from each flavors

8″ serves 4-6 $32.00

10″ serves 8-10 $42.00

French Apple Rose Tart: Pastry dough, mix of apple and berries, known as sweet and sour mix.

Apple Caramel Tart (Tart Tatin): Caramel coulis and caramelized apple.

Lime Raspberry Tart: Lime cream with raspberry coulis, known as sweet and sour mix.

Mango Tart: Almond cream with raspberry coulis topped with mango.

Pear Frangipane Tart: French poached pear with cinnamon ,start anise and almond cream.

Pistachio Tart: White chocolate pistachio cream and raspberry coulis .

Chocolate Tart: Caramel coulis with chocolate gnash.

Apricot Tart: Rosemary pastry cream topped with apricot.

Strawberry Tart: Diplomat cream topped with fresh strawberry.

Fruit Tart: Lemon pastry cream topped with fresh fruits.


Custom Cake

Prices shown for butter cream cakes that do not include decorations. Fondant cake start at 7.00 per serving, decorations are additional cost.

6″ serves 6-10 $40.00

8″ serves 8-14 $50.00

10″ serves 10-20 $70.00


Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Lemon, Carrot, Angel

Filling Flavors:

Vanilla Bean Butter Cream
Strawberry Butter Cream
Raspberry Butter Cream
Lemon Butter Cream
Coffee Cream
Salted Caramel
Chocolate Mousse
Cream Cheese
Italian Cream

French Dessert

8″ serves 8-10 $50.00

10″ serves 10-20 $70.00

Creamy Strawberry Cake: sponge cake with mousse lines cream and layer of strawberries.

Creamy Raspberry Cake: sponge cake with mousselines cream and layer of raspberries.

Classic French Cake: mousse-based cake with various complementary flavors and varying textural contrasts.

Black Forest: chocolate sponge cake with whipped cream frosting and cherry topping.


Minimum order for mini pastries $60

Petite Jewelry $3.25

Florentine: mix of butter, honey and almond. $2.50

Mini Tarlet $3.25

Cut Out Cookies $2.70

Cupcakes by the Dozen $40.00

Cream Puff by the Dozen $40.00


Spinach quiche: 10″ serves 10-12 $45

Pumkin quiche: 10″ serves 10-12 $45

Savory loaf : 10″ serves 10-12 $30

Spice bread: 10″ serves 10-12. $30

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